We believe in homes that are aesthetically pleasing and built to outperform, well into the future. This commitment to quality and efficiency infuses every aspect of our work, down to the smallest detail. Too many renovations are necessitated by poorly planned past projects and too many homes are built to yesterday’s standards. At Jake Fox Builders, we build for the future with the goal of being the last contractor you’ll ever need.

Bringing your vision to life is our top priority. We know that doing so requires attentive listening and meaningful, ongoing communication. We are committed to those drawing board-discussions that ensure we get the results you want.

At Jake Fox Builders, our ultimate goal is to see our clients’ satisfaction with their new home or revitalized space. That means seeing a project through to completion with a commitment to quality craftsmanship every step of the way. Unlike working with large firms, Jake and Josh will be on-site, building and overseeing every aspect of your project, ensuring we meet the quality standards that separate us from the herd.

Jake Fox Builders is a Certified Passive House Builder. 

Jacob Grisham


Jacob is a sucker for the building sciences. He is constantly researching, reading, learning, expanding and practicing his knowledge of the latest building technologies. He recently completed the Passive House Certified Builder certificate program. When Jacob’s not at work, he’s probably trying to fix his own 1936 home, or he’s out exploring the wilderness of the Cascades with his wife and baby girl.

Josh Lake


Josh managed restaurants for over a decade before joining the trades in the early 2010’s, and he’s infused those customer service skills into every aspect of Jake Fox Builders. Josh has built over 80 homes in the PNW. When not working, Josh can be found on his 5 acre property digging holes, growing tomatoes in his giant greenhouse, and hanging out with his wife and baby girl (who happens to be one week older than Jacob’s baby girl).