Based on the project scope, you’ll likely be working with one of our partner architects and home design firms. You’ll then work directly with us during the interior design process. We’ll introduce you to our suppliers and subcontractors so we can work together to devise and implement a detailed vision for your home.


PNW Builders.

With a combined experience of building nearly 60 homes under our belts, we’re ready to start your custom home or accessory dwelling unit (ADU) project today. Our primary focus is on energy efficient projects that use modern building practices. Most of our homes outperform today’s standards, either following or adjacent to passive house and Net Zero guidelines. 

Custom Homes

We build high efficiency custom homes that are ready to keep you comfortable in an ever-changing environment. Using passive house technologies, we build an impenetrable air barrier to keep you warm in the winter and cool in summer using a fraction of typical energy costs. We encourage solar installations and the utilization of smart home technologies. We take every step toward sourcing local, environmentally conscious and sustainable materials.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

With the increasing density of Bellingham and surrounding areas, homeowners are increasingly interested in building ADUs. Whether to house family, to use as a seasonal rental or an asset to offset ones mortgage, an ADU could be your perfect option. Let us navigate the the process of building an ADU for you.


With the increasing value of homes and property, it may make sense to renovate your home. With doing a whole home renovation, we can implement the same environmental techniques and technologies for new construction on your remodel project, and get you the efficiency you require. 


With each project we include our 2 year workmanship warranty. We also offer the option to enroll in our annual maintenance program. We’ll perform any required manufacturer maintenance, whether that is changing the air filters in your HRV, checking exterior caulk for cracks or making sure condensation lines are clear.